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Flush Mount Stainless Steel Hinge, 3" X 6"

3" X 6" flush mount 316L stainless steel hinge with bolt-on cover plates that are easily removed from topside for deck maintenance. Available in three sizes.

Weight :
635 grams (1.40 lbs)
Division :
Manufacturer :
Freeman Marine
Reference No.:
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Instructions :
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Drawings are provided as an additional resource to verify product selection, part identification and kit contents. Measurements are provided as a guide and must be confirmed with AdvanTec Marine.

Drawing :
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This kit includes the following content:

Includes single flush mount stainless steel hinge and bushings. No mounting hardware is included (see Hardware for new hardware)

Although AdvanTec Marine has tried to identify all the potential manufacturer models for compatibility with this part, there might be additional compatibility with other manufacturer products. Additional information can be obtained in Resources.

Freeman Marine: Hatches



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