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Spring Balance, 33-35lb, Pullman Type L (L-113)

Pullman "Type L" counterbalance/spring balance with capacity 33-35 lbs. Pullman model #: L-113. See Drawing for dimensions. Picture shown with bend, but shipped without bend. Bend required for W-30 install.

Weight :
1120 grams (2.47 lbs)
Division :
Manufacturer :
Reference No.:
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Drawings are provided as an additional resource to verify product selection, part identification and kit contents. Measurements are provided as a guide and must be confirmed with AdvanTec Marine.

Drawing :
Download the PDF
Download the PDF

This kit includes the following content:

Only spring balance is included in the kit.

Although AdvanTec Marine has tried to identify all the potential manufacturer models for compatibility with this part, there might be additional compatibility with other manufacturer products. Additional information can be obtained in Resources.

Manly Marine: Windows (W-30 Half Drop, W-40 Full Drop - if required)



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