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The AdvanTec Store - Specialty Marine Parts


The AdvanTec Store is a completely secure online purchasing site. Your personal information and credit card information is safe. The store is guarded with relentless fraud screens, address and card verification checks, and 128-bit encryption so you can focus on ordering your online parts.

AdvanTec Marine Manufacturers

A. Are all of the AdvanTec Marine manufacturers parts available online?

Yes. Most, if not all, active parts are available from each AdvanTec Marine manufacturers. If there are some specific and regular part requirements, please let us know and we will get those items online as soon as possible.

Currencies, Credit Cards & Terms (Net 30)

A. What currency are all the prices in?

US Dollars. All orders processed will be done in USD and converted into your currency by the credit card. If you are using PayPal, payment will be required in USD.

B. What forms of payment are accepted?

The AdvanTec Store accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards as well as payment through PayPal.

C. Does the AdvanTec Store provide Net 30 day terms?

No, currently the store only accepts payment by credit card (Visa and MasterCard) as well as PayPal.

D. How will the order appear on my credit card statement?

Your credit card statement will show "AMT" as the vendor name along with the total amount of the order converted into your credit card currency.

E. Credit card format?

If you are receiving a message "Please enter a valid credit card number." this means that you have either entered the incorrect card number (try again) or you have added dashes. Please insert the credit card number without spaces or dashes.

Custom Orders

A. What is the delivery time for custom orders?

Custom orders are typically 6-8 weeks delivery, but they can be as long as 10 weeks or as short as 3-4 weeks depending on the production schedules and factory delivery. Custom orders include specialty lock sets (i.e. STUV and or custom finish like brass) and custom painted items (i.e.: dog handles). Please contact AdvanTec Marine customer service directly once your order is placed to deal with any custom order delivery issues. Ensure that you have your order number and item part number available when you contact AdvanTec Marine.


A. How long does it take to ship an order?

AdvanTec Marine's goals is to ship all "In Stock" orders within four (4) business days (AdvanTec does not ship on weekends or holidays).

B. How long to ship a custom order?

Custom orders will ship within 6-8 weeks providing there is nothing unique about the custom order and there are no changes. An AdvanTec Marine representative will contact you directly with delivery and production information if required (please specify in the order comments).

Finding Replacement Parts

A. Can the AdvanTec Store stock a non-AdvanTec Marine part?

Yes, the AdvanTec Store will definitely review your part requirements to consider sourcing and reselling the parts online for you. Please supply us with the manufacturer name(s), part number(s) and any other relevant information to help use stock the parts for you.

B. How do I choose a dog handle set for my non-AdvanTec Marine member door?

In general, AdvanTec Marine members design dog handles to fit their door's unique features (such as thickness, handle type and handle use conditions). There are a variety of dog handle options available for AdvanTec Marine doors (i.e.: DSG doors have the D150, D250, D575 with Standard, French and Dutch variations), therefore, a non-AdvanTec Marine door could possibly be fitted with the largest D250 handle set. In order to fit your door depth, you could cut down the inner dog bushing and shaft. Alternatively, you could purchase a smaller bushing with your dog handle set. In the future, AdvanTec Marine will provide more detailed information on how to create your own handle set from the individual components.

C. Can I order a new window, door or hatch online?

No, the AdvanTec Store is for replacement and spare parts for davit/cranes, doors, windows, hatches, manholes and other marine parts.

D. You cannot find the part you require?

This might be a search engine issue or an unavailable part, please check your part number or search with a different set of key words in the AdvanTec Store. In addition, while the AdvanTec Store tries to ensure that all parts are available online, sometimes an item has not been added yet. Please let us know and we will publish the item online within 48 hours. If your requirement is more urgent, you may call AdvanTec Marine directly to purchase the part.


A. Do you have to register to place an order?

Yes, registration is required to place an order. The process is simple and ensures the correct billing and shipping address for your current and future orders. This only has to be done once.

B. Why should I create an account?

By creating an account profile (registering), you can manage your WishList and Shopping Cart information more effectively. In addition, once an order is placed you will be able to see all orders and the status of those orders from your profile.

C. How do you know if you are logged in?

Review the AdvanTec Store landing page, “Logout” will appear in the top right if you are logged in. Ensure that if you are using a public computer that you always logout.

D. If you register, will you receive a lot of emails?

No, AdvanTec Marine’s goal is to only keep you informed about the AdvanTec Store news, specials and promotions. Please review our Privacy Policy should you require specific information. AdvanTec Marine, or the AdvanTec Store, does not sell its mailing lists.


A. I cannot find the information required in the Resources.

Do not hesitate to send AdvanTec Marine a message to clarify your requirements. We are happy to assist you and ensure you get the correct part.


A. How do I return a part that was incorrect?

See the returns section and the corresponding Return Policy

Shipping & Tax ID#

A. Will the AdvanTec Store ship internationally?

Yes, AdvanTec Marine will ship to any destination around the world providing Federal Express or UPS ships and/or the item is light enough to be mailed (Canada Post or USPS) to that location.

B. Why is my Federal Tax ID # required?

Some countries (i.e. Brazil and USA, also known as an employer identification number or EIN or for individuals as the TIN) require a TAX ID # for any product(s) entering the country in order to track the product to an end source. Both companies (EIN) and individuals (TIN) have tax identification numbers within the USA.

C. What FedEx services are offered?

The AdvanTec Store provides a variety of FedEx shipping options based on your delivery address (destination).

D. What UPS services are offered?

The AdvanTec Store provides a variety of UPS shipping options based on your delivery address (destination). UPS is only offered from AdvanTec Marine's USA warehouses (FM, MM, PCM), it is not available as from Canadian shipping locations (DSG, SH).

E. What about shipping by mail such as Canada Post or USPS?

All mailing options are ground and delivery rates vary based on the destination. None of the postal services will provide estimated delivery times because they vary dramatically based on the destination. AdvanTec Marine will ship via Canada Post parcel services for Canadian stock items (DSG) to all destinations providing these items do not exceed Canada Post maximum parcel service weights. USPS is not implemented at this time, but selecting Canada Post will ensure your USA origin parts are shipping by mail. USPS will be fully implemented in soon.


A. How are taxes applied?

Taxes are only charged to Canadian customers without any taxes being charged for any international customers. AdvanTec Marine's new PST registration number is PST- 1003-2302 new tax rules taking effect on April 1, 2013. Canadian customers can review the Taxes Schedule.


A. How do I deal with a warranty for a part?

Review the warranty specific to the manufacturer for the part in question as well as the online Warranty Policy.