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Term Definition
440 440 tapes are the same as Butyl Tape.
Active Panel Term used within the French door naming convention to indicate the door that has the main lock and is the primary door to open/close. The other door is called the French Non-Active panel.
Adjusters Extending and support arm, often with a lock knob, installed on hinged hatches and windows to keep them open. Adjusters (also known as springs or windshield adjusters) are available in a manual activation or gas spring activation.
Anodize / Anodized Custom finish for doors, windows, hatches and accessories (Handles, screens, scuppers, etc.) with alternatives being Wet Paint and Powder coated. 'Anodized' means that a material such as aluminum, has been subjected to an electrolytic process, where natural oxidation has been controlled. Anodized aluminum, as a non-conductive result, creates strength and durability, therefore, it is one of the toughest finishes.
Attwood Gas spring/adjuster manufacturer.
Backer Rod Closed cell polyethylene foam gasket material for windows in various diameters.
Blind Dog Single sided latch handle for hatches and doors, opened from the interior only. Made of nylon 6/6 (standard installation material) and aluminum with custom colors/finishes (buffed, milled, chrome, polished and painted). See also Dog(s).
Bollard A post (single or double) mounted on the marine vessel and used for mooring. Steelhead offers 16" and 20" stainless steel double posts (Bollards) for mooring.
Bolt-On The closure is installed by bolting the frame to the cabin through bolt holes drilled in the mounting flange.
Bommer Hinge A heavy duty hinge manufactured by Bommer.
Buffed A common custom finish for aluminum door dog handles. Additional finishes include chrome, milled and polished.
Buna-N Nitrile rubber, also known as Buna-N, Perbunan, or NBR, is a synthetic rubber copolymer of acrylonitrile (ACN) and butadiene. Trade names include Nipol, Krynac and Europrene. Buna-N has very good resistance to many oils and chemicals.
Butyl Tape A sealant tape used between a window or door flange and the cabin of the boat to create an all weather seal.
Cam Handle Small rotational handle used on a door, hatch or hinged window. The handle rotates against its strike plate, thus pulling the door, hatch or window tight and locking it.
Clamp Ring An interior ring that is screwed to the outside portion of the window frame to clamp the window to the shell plate. A clamp ring installation allows for an installation with no screws showing on the outside (and no screws penetrating the shell plate).
Chrome Aluminum handles can be custom finished with Chrome as an option. Since marine durability is a long term issue with Chrome, it is recommended to review the Polished Aluminum as an alternative.
Cleats Used as a mooring mount on the marine vessel. Steelhead offers 15" and 18" stainless steel cleat options.
Colors Color choice and matching is critical when replacing part. Check the "Resources" section for your standard color/finish options with custom colors being available.
Crane To yachting professionals a yacht crane is tender lifting equipment rated for more than 1000lbs. However, you will find that many people refer to any sort of tender lift as a davit.

Here are some definitions just for fun. A formal definition for a crane is as follows: An often horizontal projection swinging about a vertical axis: as a machine for raising, shifting, and lowering heavy weights by means of a projecting swinging arm or with the hoisting apparatus supported on an overhead track
Davit To yachting professionals a davit is tender lifting equipment rated for 1000lbs or less and a yacht crane is tender lifting equipment rated for more than 1000lbs. However, you will find that many people refer to any sort of tender lift as a davit. We have used the term interchangeably in our materials. A formal definition for a davit (da-vit) is as follows: A crane that projects over the side of a ship or a hatchway and is used especially for boats, anchors, or cargo.
Derlin Heavy duty plastic material (alternative to nylon) produced from acetal resins (Dupont) used as a door dog/blind dog sled or cam handle wedge.
Dog(s) Lever handles controlled from the inside/outside that pull a door into its gasket creating a stronger weather/water seal. Dog is a special name for marine handles for doors, hatches and windows. Made of nylon 6/6 (standard install) and aluminum with custom colors/finishes (buffed, milled, chrome, polished and painted). See also Blind Dog(s).
Duro Duro 40 as it relates to Neoprene
Dutch Door A horizontally split hinged door. The top of the door opens separately from the bottom.
Esc Esc = Escuthcheon. Defines a type of lockset with a plate that surrounds the lock assembly. Another name for a door lock plate is the Escuthcheon plate which is available in Satin Chrome (Standard) and Chrome.
Escuthcheon Defines a type of lockset with a plate that surrounds the lock assembly, as opposed to a Rosette lockset. Another name for a door lock plate is the Escuthcheon plate which is available in Satin Chrome (Standard) and Chrome.
EPDM A type of synthetic rubber material (ethylene propylene diene Monomer (M-class) rubber). The E refers to Ethylene, P to Propylene, D to diene and M refers to its classification in ASTM standard D-1418.
FB FB = Flat Bar, a design consideration for D250 series French doors as in a full steel flat bar steel frame.
Flat Bar Flat Bar = FB, A design consideration for D250 series French doors as in a full steel flat bar steel frame.
Flat Head A type of screw head with a conical, with flat outer face and tapering inner face allowing it to sink into the material. The angle of the screw is measured as the full angle of the cone. Also known as countersunk.
French Door A vertically split hinged door. Both sides open separately from each other.
Fulcrum Glazing Rubber Another commonly used terminology for glazing or misused as a term for replacing the gasket in the window. See "Glazing".
Gasket Gaskets are often rubber, EPDM or some other material to secure and seal around doors and windows.
Gas Shock Absorber Refer to "Adjuster", a gas spring version compared to manually operated.
Glazing Glazing is often referred to as the glass itself and window glazing refers to the process of applying a thin layer of metal oxide to the exterior of the glass. This prevents heat from escaping. Glazing is often misused as a term to replace the window gasket.
Handedness Handedness is whether the door handles is left or right. See "Resources" for a handedness document.
Hatch An opening in the deck of a vessel typically with a removable cover over the cargo hold of a vessel. Hatches typically have dogs (quick acting or individual) or drop bolts. Different than a manhole.
Hawse Cleat
Knob There are a variety of knob applications with adjusters, window locks and other applications.
Laminated Glass Regular glass bonded together with Poly Vinyl Butyral (PVB). If broken the PVB holds the glass together to reduce injury.
Latch Bolt With door locks there is a protruding bolt from the door that engages in strike plate, typically mounted in fixed wall or non-active door panel. One edge of which is beveled; when the door or window to which it is attached is closed, the bolt is forced inward; when in the fully closed position, the bolt springs back into a fixed notch or cavity.
Latch Bolt Spring Spring that activates the latch bolt.
Left Handed Opening Related to handedness and defines the direction of door opening. Left hand door opening is when the door opens from right-to-left with door hinges on the left.
Lexan Lightweight plastic that does not break as easily as glass. Available with a scratch resistant coating.
Lockcase The internal locking mechanism kit.
Lockset A complete lock (internals) and handle (externals) assembly with all installation parts.
Manhole A solid framed opening in the deck of a vessel which primarily provides infrequent access to the mechanics, for clean out, inspection or something similar of the vessel. Manholes are bolted access plates typically lifted out and may lock in place with a center bolt system.
Marine Grade Brass Marine grade brass contains small amounts of tin between 0.075 - 0.08 %. Marine grade brass is inexpensive & when combined with tin is noted to be extremely resistant to dezincification, fatigue, galling and stress corrosion.
Milled A common custom finish for aluminum door dog handles, in fact, the next most common to Nylon 6/6. Additional finishes include chrome, buffed and polished. This is a bare metal with no protective coating. This finish will oxidize naturally.
Mitred corner An angled corner formed by cutting and welding each leg of extrusion on a window.
Mobella Is part of the SouthCo family of products for door entry hardware including the Offshore Swing Door Latches and Star Talon sliding door locks.
Neoprene A synthetic polymer resembling rubber, resistant to oil, heat, and weathering. Neoprene in general has good chemical stability, and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range.
Non Active Panel In the French door naming convention, the door with the main locking mechanism and the primary door to open and close are called the "active panel" whereas the door with the lockbox and the secondary door are called the French non active panel.
Nylon 6/6 Nylon 6/6 has the lowest permeability of the nylons by gasoline, mineral oil, and fluorocarbon refrigerants. Most dog and blind dog handle sets are made with Nylon 6/6.
Painted Various parts offer a powder coated or painted finish. Although there are countless color options available as a custom order, standard and typical color/finishes are available and can be reviewed in the Resource section. Color/Finishes.
Perko Manufacturer of windshield adjusters and other marine supplies.
Piano Hinge Piano hinges are not usually very big. The hinge is long, originally used for piano lids, but now used in many other applications where a long hinge is needed.
Polished A common custom finish for aluminum door dog handles that has been polished to a mirror finish. Additional finishes include chrome, buffed and milled.
Polycarbonate Synthetic compounds used for window glazing purposes. Brand names include Lexan, Tuffak, Lucite and Plexiglas.
Porthole Porthole and Portlight are marine words often used interchangeably. In general, porthole was originally used to describe more or less any round opening in the hull.
Portlight Porthole and Portlight are marine words often used interchangeably. A term used to describe a round opening in the hull or door. The opening is covered with heavy duty glass that can be closed and sealed shut with dogs or another latching mechanism.
Powdercoat Custom finish for doors, windows, hatches and accessories (Handles, screens, etc.) as an alternative to Wet Paint and Anodized. Powder coating is the technique of applying dry paint made up of pigment and resin) to a part (as opposed to wet paint). The coating is typically applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a "skin". This dry finish offers excellent exterior weatherability.
PVC An affordable and durable plastic material used in tracks. PVC = Polyvinyl chloride.
Radius Corner A rounded corner formed when the window extrusion is bent in a bending machine.
RAL RAL is a standardized color space system for exact color matching tints. RAL is used for defining standard colors for paint and coatings.
Right Handed Opening Related to the door handedness and defines the direction of door opening. Right hand door opening is when the door opens from left-to-right with door hinges on the right.
Rose See Rosette.
Rosette (Rose) Defines a type of lockset style where a circular plate on which the moving parts of a handle, thumb turn, cylinder lock or knob is mounted. Often abbreviated as Rose.
Safety Glass There are two types of safety glass. Safety laminated and safety tempered.
Santoprene Santoprene is a thermoplastic rubber that offers Improved performance, longer life for dynamic rubber parts. A unique material that offers greater precision than thermoset rubber or ordinary TPE's and one high quality standard - worldwide.
Scupper A scupper is an opening in the side walls of an open-air structure, for purposes of draining water. On a boat, specifically DSG windows (D5, D10, D15) scuppers (scupper cap) are used on certain windows to as a drainage point.
Sea Dog Manufacturer of adjusters and other marine supplies.
Sealed Units Two pieces of glass sealed together with an air space in between to create superior insulation.
Silicone This rubber-like adhesive is typically used as an adhesive for dogs (screw cover), windows and various other marine part installations because of their high degree of flexibility and high temperature resistance.
Spigot Applied to hawse and hawse cleats, it is the width dimension for fitting into the thickness of the boat.
Spiked A dog handle that has an abbreviated outboard end that does not extend inwards like a typical dog handle. Normal outboard end turn in is approximately 1.5", a spiked dog handle only extends inwards about 1".
Spline Spline (a thin tubular material), which comes in a variety of materials and sizes, is used to hold the screening material in place by inserting spline over the screen mesh into a groove. When replacing a screen, it is not advisable to reuse the old spline, but purchase new spline and install using the correct spline roller tool.
Spring Balance A method of making larger fabricated hatches, manholes and scuttles easier and safer to open. A large spring is installed on the fabricated item and tensioned so that the weight of the cover is offset by the tension of the spring, reducing the effort required to open the cover. A spring-balanced hatch is not intended to swing up when opened without operator assistance.
Star Talon Mobella's new style keyed format for the keys, looking like a star. Star-Lock capabilities feature three-axis keylock for enhanced security within the standard door thickness.
Strap Hinge A hinge with a long leaf or flap attached to the face of the door.
Striker Plate Strike plate is attached to the door jamb with a hole or holes in the metal plate for the dead bolt or latch to extend into it. Often the strike plate will have a deadbolt cover behind to ensure solid securing of the door locking system.
Storm Clip Heavy duty clips that anchor the window in place.
Spigot Within the marine world, the spigot distance defines the depth of vessel hull (and depth of the hawse/hawse cleat) where a hawse or hawse cleat will be installed. Dictionary definition is the end of a pipe that enters the enlarged end of another pipe to form a joint.
T Style Handle A removable Freeman deck hatch handle, that fits into the vertical shaft of the hatch mechanism. Used mainly for additional security and limiting access, the handle is stored elsewhere on the vessel
Talon Used in conjunction with "Star Talon" to signify Mobella's (SouthCo) marine lock set series using a sophisticated star key locking mechanism.
Tempered Glass Glass that is heat treated and quenched to increase strength. It is approximately 5 times stronger than float glass. When tempered glass breaks it will shatter into many small and harmless pieces.
Track(s) Tracks are used for all sliding doors and windows to allow the door or window to smoothly slide from side to side. Typically made of PVC, but additional materials are used as well.
TrioVing A high end, high quality brand of marine lockset from Norway. TrioVing offers a complete range of marine products for functional locks and hardware solutions.
Truss Head A type of screw head with a lower-profile dome designed to prevent tampering.
Urethane An adhesive used in window installations to provide tough, impact-resistant bonds with high peel strength. They are available as a single step component or as a two component adhesive. The company primarily uses a single component moisture curing adhesives that cures on exposure to moisture either in the substrate or atmosphere.
Watertight Built in such a way that the passage of water is prevented. Generally speaking the structure (i.e. door, hatch or manhole) is impermeable to water. There are different definitions of watertight, depending on the location in relation to the waterline of the vessel and the importance of the seal desired.
Weatherstrip A thin strip of some compressible material used between the frame of a door or window to keep the cold, wind and rain out. Often referred to as wheatherstripping.
Weathertight An industry definition of marine closures indicating that they could be exposed to the elements, with the probability that only small amounts of water, wind or rain would pass thru the closure.
Weld-In The closure is installed by welding the frame to the cabin.
Wet Paint Custom painted finish for doors, windows, hatches and accessories (Handles, screens, etc.) as an alternative to Anodized and Powder coated. The wet paint process offers long lasting, high gloss finishes. Polyester urethane paints are applied with a spray gun and then allowed to cure. This causes the product to solidify and adhesion to improve.